The media below is here for educational purposes. It is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any medical issues.

Part I Introduction
In this clip, The Wellness Hour (hosted by Randy Alvarez) opens its segment with Dr. Steve Nelson. Dr. Nelson talks about Synergy Wellness Clinic, and the main reason why patients come to see him, as well as his personal testimony on why naturopathic medicine works.
Part II Immune Systems, Sleep, Toxicities
Here, they discuss weakness in the immune system and its relation to sleep patterns, as well as how Dr. Nelson diagnoses deficiencies and what kind of toxicities can affect your quality of life.
Part III Prescription Drugs, and Things We Treat
Dr. Nelson talks about the problem with simply taking drugs to treat or recover from an illness or body deficiency, and how they treat patients in a different manner. He also gives a short list of the kinds of medical problems he sees and handles.
Part IV Arthritis Treatments, Education, and Homeopathic Solutions
Randy discusses his mother and her problems with Arthritis, and Dr. Nelson speaks about the progression of traditional medicine. He also speaks to the importance of education and the benefits of alternative medicine.
Part V More Problems We Treat, and How We Find Solutions
Dr. Nelson lists more issues that he sees and treats patients for regularly. He goes on to talk about how he diagnoses a patient, and how that is different from a traditional medical doctor, from looking at bloodwork to finding body energy problems.
Part VI Prostate Issues and Treatments
100% of men who have prostate issues have an iodine deficiency, according to Dr. Nelson. He discusses how he treats prostate issues for men.
Part VII Fibromyalgia and Closing Remarks
Fibromyalgia is discussed in detail, particularly in how it relates to the liver and food allergies such as dairy and wheat. As Host Randy Alvarez closes out the episode, Dr. Nelson extends an invitation to come see him and be diagnosed, set wellness goals, and improve your quality of life.
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